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Phoenix 713-A Sub Aqueous Pipe Joint Lubricant

  • Soft paste-like compound
  • Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61
  • Contains no petroleum
  • Will not support bacteria
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Designed for applying in wet or dry conditions
  • Will not swell gaskets

Phoenix 713-A Pipe Joint Lubricant is a soft, non-water dispersible paste. It is a stable blend of vegetable oils, soaps, surfactants, and mineral fillers. Mating of abutting pipes forces the paste into the cavity, thus providing the needed lubrication to complete the coupling and seal the joint. Phoenix 713-A is a soap and surfactant lubricant that does not dry out when gaskets are stored in a sealed container.

Phoenix 713-A has a soft paste consistency and tan color, and it can be used from 10° to 110°F. Phoenix 713-A can be used on all types of pipe including asbestos cement, cast iron, concrete, plastic and clay. It will not deteriorate natural rubber, synthetic rubber or plastic gaskets.

Phoenix 713-A is certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 requirements for use in potable water systems. JTM uses strict analytical standards and formulation consistency to assure consistent production of a safe, high-quality lubricant for water pipe joining needs.

Phoenix 713-A utilizes environmentally friendly raw materials common in the soap and lubricant industries. It will not irritate the hands and is not toxic. It can be cleaned using warm water with soap or detergent. It contains no petroleum oils or phosphates.

Effectively lubricates pipe and pipe gaskets for safe and efficient assembly of all types of pipe. Water insoluble formula is excellent for underwater pipe assembly. It will not wash off pipe or gaskets under the harshest of weather or job site conditions.

Certification provided by the Water Quality Association.

Technical Data

Form: Soft Paste
Color: Tan
Odor: Bland
Bulk Density: Approximately 12 lbs./gallon
Non Volatile Materials: Approximately 88%
Total Alkalinity: 10-30 mg KOH/g equivalent
Penetration: 300-350 1/10mm @ 77°F

Description Units Per Case Cases Per Pallet
30 Pound Pail

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